Platforms Project 2022

For the on-line edition of Platforms Project in 2021 EX-MÊKH produced the video Stage Arousal. In this video we built a white fair-booth in which we created an installation in the way we usually work. Some actions performed by the members of EX-MÊKH were part of this video. Evaluating, Stage Arousal surprised us with the theatrical aspects of working in such a booth.

The coming edition of Platforms Project 2022 in Athens (GR) EX-MÊKH shows a video we worked on in the Veluwe National Park in the east of The Netherlands. Making this video we did research to find possibilities for another installation to build in the exhibition hall of the fair. We decided to move the white cube in which we usually present our work into the forest. By this decision the white cube became a wooden cube and the back wall became open so that the natural surroundings were our backdrop. A surprise was that the booth we built in nature became a sculpture in itself in which our work plays it’s part. This video we will now show in Athens, Scenes from a Wormhole, will be a rough cut on the basis of which we build an installation around the video in our booth in Platforms Project. Later Platforms Project will put it on-line. Here are some stills to get an impression:

Kees Koomen: Janus (breathing in)
Kees Koomen: Janus (breathing out)
Kees Koomen: Janus
Maarten Schepers: No Title
Ellen Rodenberg: The Actors Are leaving

Platforms Project will take place from October 13 to October 16, 2022. Information on visits can be found here!

Con alma – evaluation

To accompany the exhibition we asked Ben Faydherbe to make a small booklet with the work of all three of us. Our secret member did great and the booklets we took were gone before the end of the fair! We are getting a nice set of little booklets.

The cover of this small publication

Back in Holland after a satisfying presentation by EX-MÊKH at the Hybrid Art Fair in Madrid life continues. In between other projects Kees wrote some reports about Madrid. On chmkoome’s blog he published daily reports. He also wrote a report on ARCO on the Art-site for Den Haag Jegens & Tevens . You can find EX-MÊKH’s exhibition at the Hybrid Art Fair on the EX-MÊKH site under exhibitions.

Reporters mentioned Con Alma in reports in on-line magazines ( Liceo Magazine for instance) and lots of pictures of our work showed on social media. 

Con Alma

Today we discovered a post of the Hybrid Art Fair in Madrid which will start in three weeks. It is coming near and we look forward to visiting the other fairs in the Madrid Art Week: ARCO, JUST MAD-Art Fair, Drawing Room and Art Madrid.
The title of EX-MÊKH’s exhibition will be Con Alma. We take the soul of the collaboration of Ellen Rodenberg, Maarten Schepers and me into the hotel room of the Petit Palace Hotel. We change this room into a mirror for our public to reflect on!

Hybrid Art Fair

Hybrid Art Fair

EX-MÊKH will participate in the Hybrid Art Fair in Madrid from Februari 24 to 27. The fair is held in a hotel in the centre of the city and participants are expected to exhibit in hotelrooms. We will present work under the name Con alma trying to give the neutral and functional hotelroom a soul, the soul of EX-MÊKH!
In the mean while publicity for participants is starting as you can see on this page!

EX-MÊKH: Heidedagen – 2021

EX-MÊKH has been working on a new site and after having great holidays in which we did some “woodshedding’ on the Veluwe we put the site on-line yesterday. All the exhibitions since 2014 are on the “exhibitions”-page, we will continue to work to get the exhibitions from 2006 onwards on the site.

Hybrid Art Fair

Last November EX-MÊKH was invited for the Hybrid Art Fair in Madrid. We already heard nice stories about this fair so we decided to apply. The fair is held in an old hotel in the centre of Madrid:

Hotel Petit Palace Santa Bárbara

This Fair is also part of the side program of ARCO Madrid and the Madrid Art week