For 2024 EX-MÊKH decided to also take part in Platforms Project 2024 in Athens (GR). The whole set up of this fair for independant art platforms and exhibition spaces has changed. From now on it will be multi-disciplinary including theatre, music and dance. The venue, which used to be at the Art School of Athens, has also changed to Keramikos if I understand well. This is an interesting change to us so we applied and we were accepted. The organisation asked us for a picture to put iwn the catalogue. We talked about our intentions for this occasion and we unaminously chose for an installation build by the three of us. We decided to make a work together in one of our studio’s. You can see the result underneath. It is based on the idea of idea’s, objects, text, and image washing up at a beach to inspire unexpected connections. It depicts an organic image of what EX-MÊKH is.

EX-MÊKH: on MÊKH-beach 10 April, 2024

Hybrid Art Fair 2024, evaluation

EX-MÊKH finished their exhibition at the Hybrid Art Fair 2024 with satisfaction. We were excited about the reception of our work and the way we presented it was very much appreciated. You can see pictures of the exhibition here! We met a lot of interesting people, some of whom were interested in presenting our work in Magazines or in galleries in Menorca or Las Palmas. We will see where that will lead us.

The welcome drinks after setting up the exhibition

Our stay in Madrid was very inspiring. We visited several exhibitions: Ulla von Brandenburg in the Palacio de Vélazquez, The Thyssen Bornemisza Museum, The Prado again, Kees visited ARCO 2024 and the three of us visited the Reina Sofia Museum with a surprisingly interesting exhibition of Carlos Saura (post will soon follow in the blog). It was a very intense and awarding week!


Coming weekend EX-MÊKH will leave for Madrid to take part in the Hybrid Art Fair. Yesterday our new folders and a booklet in our growing series of EX-MÊKH printwork arrived. As usual it has been designed by our sectret EX-MÊKH participant Ben Faydherbe.

A folder and the booklet
The EX-MÊKH Collection

EX-MÊKH Goes Madrid!

From 7 to 10 March 2024 EX-MÊKH will again participate in the Hybrid Art Fair. The fair is located in the Hotel Petit Palace in which the rooms will be exhibition-spaces. During the fair participants can also stay in these rooms which poses questions about art and privacy, the nature of artworks and the nature of hotelrooms. We will try to show relevant works for all these questions, processing our experience with Spanish culture and with working in Spain. It will be a challenge to continue finding appropriate images for these subjects as we tried to do in the 2022 edition of the Hybrid Artfair with the installation Con Alma.

Maarten Schepers and Ellen Rodenberg will benefit from their residency in Arteventura past fall. Kees Koomen has traveled extensively in Spain and enjoys classical and modern Spanish literature and cinematography immensely.

Het Grote Aanschouwboek

The cover of the book
Brickstone account
Page of Maarten Schepers in change #754

On saturday December 2 Het Grote Aanschouwboek (The Big Aanschouwbook) was presented, a survey of 22 years of De Aanschouw in the Witte de Withstreet in Rotterdam. De Aanschouw is the smallest art gallery in Rotterdam and in The Netherlands if I am not mistaken. It used to be a display case on the front of a café, De Schouw, which was situated opposite the building in which De Rotterdamse Courant had it’s offices. As soon as the newspaper went to the printer it was put in the display case and the editors went to De Schouw to have a beer and to discuss the contents of the new edition.

The presentation of Het Grote Aanschouwboek took place in a well filled auditorium in TENT, you can see an account of the happening here! The book shows all the exhibitions and artists, weekly changes and the Overschilderschilderijen (overpaintpaintings) of which documentation is still available. We are happy to say that very few is missing. Edo Dijksterhuis wrote a history of De Aanschouw and collected anecdotes can be found in the back of the book. The participation of EX-MÊKH can be found in it, including a poster of underground member Ben Faydherbe who is responsible for the design of our publicity. An overpaint-painting of EX-MÊKH member Kees Koomen can also be found in the book. The graphic Design of bureau 75B is special for a relatively small book with no less than 1150 pages. It developed into a brickstone-account of a period of art and friendship!