The Second Explodes

May 2-3, 2014 Kunsthalle Eurocentre Lana (IT)

The Second Explodes refers to an explosion of art activities which took place within a short period of time in Lana, Italy in 2014. Dutch artists from Den Haag visited Lana in the context of an artist exchange between Southern Tirol and Den Haag. The project was the result of a longer period of maintaining international contacts starting in 2009. These contacts varied in nature and took place on different European locations as Pécs-Hungary, Sarajevo-Bosnia Herzegovina, Den Haag in the Netherlands and Bolzen/Lana- in Italy. In a sense, this process of growing networks can be seen as an explosion as well. The participating artists within the current project are all connected to one or more of these networks. The artists of EX-MÊKH took part in this context, as did artists attached to Werkbank, Quartair Contemporary Art Initiative, Stichting Post 15 and Topp&Dubio.

The Second Explodes was a multi-disciplinary event in time and place. It has lead to a series of site-specific works, (interactive) performances and happenings. A local Art-Walk moved the exhibition to public space. This was inspired by the Malieveld project, in which most of the Dutch artists took part. The main results of the project were shown as an exhibition at Kunsthalle Eurocenter. They were live performances, drawings, paintings, sculptures, videos, installations and a sound performance. During the opening of the exhibition, a master of ceremonies accompanied the visitors and introduced the works and artists to the crowd.

The Art-walk is inspired by the Malieveld Initiative in Den Haag. In this initiative artists try to make art more democratic by presenting their work in public space, amongst the people of Den Haag. They gather every saturday-morning at 11.00 h AM to make work, to present it and to document the gathering. The Art Walk was held along the river Adige where artists improvised and talked about their work.