2006 June, 16 – De kapel, DCR Den Haag ( NL )

In 2006, a group of friends were looking for venues to make exhibitions. After failing individual attempts they came together and decided that as a group, they might have more chance to be accepted to show their work then individually. Part of this group was involved with the development of the DCR: a multi disciplinary studiocentre in an old office building of the electricity company in Den Haag. During this development phase monthly open stage evenings were organized: artists involved with the DCR were given a chance to present their creative activities. In June Ellen Rodenberg, Hans Ensink op Kemna, Maarten Schepers and Kees Koomen organized a try-out during one of these evenings to see if their work would fit together. This Try-out would take place in De Kapel, a small seperate space in the hall of the DCR. The result was that we decided to continue to work togetherunder the name mêkh. Underneath an impression of this first attempt:

On the Wall: Meurs by Kees Koomen, sculpture by Maarten Schepers
From left to right: Hans Ensink op Kemna, Maarten Schepers, Kees Koomen
From left to right: Maarten Schepers, Kees Koomen, Ellen Rodenberg
From left to right: Kees Koomen, Maarten Schepers, Ellen Rodenberg
Hans Ensink op Kemna, Maarten Schepers
Opening of the presentation