Stage Arousal

May 27 – June 10, 2021 – Platforms Project NET 2021, Athens (GR)
appeared online

This year EX-MÊKH participates in the on-line Platforms Project NET 2021. It’s the art-fair for independent art-platforms all over the world in Athens. This time we decided to invite the international Artist Collective KRAATZ and the Berlin based independent art platform A TRANS to participate. We have worked with both of them before. 
KRAATZ shows the video Idioliths which I interpret as an inspired contemplation on elements in our exhibition FEMALER in Berlin last fall. We also collaborate with the independent Berlin based art-platform A-TRANS that compiled some of its activities in video. EX-MÊKH produced a video in which their working method is shown: Stage Arousal! It shows how we find a place to exhibit and how we build up a show. We decided to include performance, because video is time-based, as is performance. Please click under the picture underneath to visit the EX-MÊKH page. Video’s can be seen on the pictures underneath from May 27, 2021!