Fuck the Eighties, it is 2014

March 8 – March 14, 2014
Baracca @ KIV 22, Dordrecht

Poster exhibition

Baracca’s Yvo van der Vat invited EX-MÊKH for an exhibition at KIV 22 in Dordrecht he curated at the occasion of Baracca’s tenth birthday. Other artists would be local: Albert Zwaan, Ad Wesseling, Robert de Visser and the curator himself, Yvo van der Vat. It was well visited and trendbeheer reported!

Front:  Yvo van der Vat, back: Kees Koomen – Den Haag
Kees Koomen: The Diaries, a selection
Left: Yvo van der Vat, right: Robert de Visser
Ellen Rodenberg
Left: Robert de Visser, right: Kees Koomen: Den Haag
Left Robert de Visser, right: Albert Zwaan
Ad Wesseling
Maarten Schepers
Albert Zwaan
left:  Robert de Visser, Right: Albert Zwaan
Maarten Schepers
Ellen Rodenberg
Robert de Visser
Front: Maarten Schepers, back: Ellen Rodenberg