A Weekend of Performances

December 6 – 7 – 8, 2019 – A-Trans@Haus der Statistik, Berlin (BRD)

Featuring Featuring KRAATZ – Writing on Art, EX-MÊKH + Yorgos Dimitriadis: Kees Koomen – Tssssss K-BAM, Ellen Rodenberg – Feed, Maarten Schepers – Stelle, Yorgos Dimitriadis: percussion and electronics

As a result of the MÊKH-web exhibition at Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives, for which we asked Marian Wijnvoord from Berlin to participate,EX-MÊKH was invited in Berlin to do a pop-up performance-weekend by A-Trans. This is the art-platform in Berlin we all exhibited with before. A space in the Haus der Statistik, a former DDR-archive, was available. A-Trans also asked EX-MÊKH to make an exhibition after the performances. The show would remain visible in the space for the month of December. Everybody reacted with enthousiasm, so off to Berlin little over a month after we cleared Quartair!

Saturday December 7 – KRAATZ (Marian Wijnvoord and Forbes Morlock): Writing on Art

Marian prepared drawings of which she made art-books. She handed them to Forbes Morlock
Who studied them carefully
Then Forbes started to write over them
From the outside it looked like a strange ritual
I couldn’t help having associations with the archiving of information on DDR citizens
After an hour of writing, erasing, sandpapering and such the performance stopped. Beautiful booklets with drawings and small precise handwriting  remains.

Saturday December 7–  Kees Koomen – Yorgos Dimitriadis: Tssssss K-BAM

Kees Koomen: “In the context of writing The Diaries I shall visualize the sounds that I hear and write down what enters my senses. I will work together with improvising musician Yorgos Dimitriadis who will improvise on percussion. By writing I will translate his sounds into images and stories.”

Saturday December 7 – Ellen Rodenberg – Yorgos Dimitriadis: Feed

Ellen Rodenberg: “In this “In between time”- space of the Haus der Statistyk I will do a performance in which show a working attitude. It originates from a barrel full of experiences in my studio, daily life and education which I feel to be socially and constructively useful in my functioning as a human being.”

Saturday December 7 – Maarten Schepers – Yorgos Dimitriadis: Stelle

Maarten Schepers: “Can we live in any place on Earth and call it Home? What is home? Is it the stuff that keeps us warm? Can it be our past we recognize in our surroundings? Or the way we act to keep on living? Schepers will elaborate on this question in the performance he proposes.”